The Wang tat electrical machinery limited company to be established in 1990, Is one produces each kind of electrical machinery equipment specially, Industrial Oven, Conveying facilities and spray painting facilities. This company is equipped with the retail sales department in Hong Kong and the home, Produces the workshop in the Jiang men City, Provides the one whole set for the customer by the design, Produces the installment, Down to the maintenance service consummates the service.

Since we all unceasingly have continuously conducted the various research to the product, Is sure need obtains make the product quality and the service innate nature the improvement and the promotion, Provides a higher innate nature for the customer the pre-sale post-sale service. We by reason of strict quality supervising and managing, Has the system production program, High quality service as well as remarkable science and technology, Is discontinuing develops the domestic and foreign services diligently, Towards multiplication, The internationalization direction makes great strides forward.

This company product sale world each place, like Chinese various provinces and cities, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, Holland, English, Canada ..……